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Ash Hardwood Flooring

With ash wood flooring, you get the benefits that come with all solid hardwood floors, like supreme durability and immediate character, plus the light beauty of ash itself.

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Ash Hardwood: A Popular Flooring Choice


Whether you're replacing lackluster flooring in your latest home renovation or picking out your dream floors for the forever home you're building, the appeal of solid ash flooring is hard to deny. With ash, you get the benefits that come with all solid hardwood floors, like supreme durability and immediate character, plus the beauty of ash hardwood itself. This impressive species does more than deliver a popular modern flooring look. It's also used in the construction of baseball bats, tools, and guitars!




Are you a fan of contemporary styles that offer warmth through cool, light tones? Then ash flooring may be the ideal choice for you, with planks that can range from a creamy pale brown to a light yellow and feature subtle beigy-white streaks in the grain. The hues can vary slightly based on how the tree is cut: from the inner trunk known as the heartwood, or the softer outer layers referred to as sapwood. 


Advantages and Disadvantages of Ash Wood Flooring


You're drawn to the ash hardwood products in the showroom, but you're wondering if it's really the best hardwood choice for your family's day-to-day lives. Here are a few benefits and considerations to keep in mind as you consider the options: 


Is Ash Hardwood Durable?


The inherent resilience and durability of ash wood flooring come from its cellular makeup, which makes it a dense plank that's able to weather a good amount of traffic. You can easily use it in your kitchen, utility zone, and hallways without worrying about minor dings, scrapes, and scratches from your on-the-go teenagers or messy toddlers. Ash hardwood flooring also has a natural give to it, plus it won't get rough or split years down the line.


How to Maintain Ash Hardwood


Keeping your ash flooring in tip-top shape requires a minimal amount of time and effort, all things considered. It starts with routine sweeping once a week or so, or using a vacuum on a hardwood setting. Either method will pick up the dirt, pet hair, and dander that's accumulated. 


If you face an unexpected spill while cooking or during your kids' snack time, no worries! Just follow the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer, but do it quickly. You don't want moisture to sit on the surface of your new white ash flooring for any length of time.


Lifespan and Installation


The last thing you want to do is go to the trouble of selecting a new floor, have it installed, live with it for a few years, and then need to replace it. Thankfully, with ash hardwood, you can put that fear to rest! Like all commercially available hardwood, white ash flooring can thrive for several decades under your roof, as long as you keep a few important factors in mind. 


To ensure that your ash flooring has a long life, make sure to: 


When you're comparing your options, be sure to ask your local Flooring America expert for more details on the warranty protection available with each product.


Ash Hardwood Flooring FAQs