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Tile Flooring in Seaside, ORWhite Porcelain Tile featured in pale shaded living room near entry way with French doors

Welcome to Randall Lee's Flooring America, your destination for exquisite tile flooring in Seaside, OR! Our dedicated team of experts is here to make your tile flooring journey as enjoyable as possible.


Whether you're sprucing up your home or enhancing your business space, our knowledgeable sales team is committed to surpassing your expectations. With a vast array of porcelain, stone, and ceramic tiles, you're certain to discover the perfect tile solution to meet your unique needs. We believe in offering the finest tile flooring options without breaking the bank.


Explore our extensive tile flooring collection, where you can sift through various hues, textures, cut shapes, tile types, patterns, glazes, and finishes to find the tile that complements your design vision and personal style. We have everything from the rustic charm of gray slate tiles to the timeless elegance of porcelain backsplashes.


Visit our Seaside, OR, showroom today, where our aisles are brimming with stunning examples and displays of our popular ceramic, slate, and porcelain tiles. Once you've selected, take advantage of our top-notch tile flooring installation services. We're committed to ensuring your satisfaction, from initial selection to precise installation. Your dream tile flooring is just a visit away!


Where Can Tile Be Installed?

Experience the unmatched versatility of tile flooring. Whether you aim to elevate the heart of your home or revamp outdoor spaces, our premium tile options cater to a wide array of installations, ensuring a perfect fit for every area.

  • Kitchens: Add a touch of sophistication to your culinary haven with tile flooring that's easy to clean and visually appealing.
  • Bathrooms: Embrace moisture resistance and style simultaneously by adorning your bathroom floors with tile, offering durability and various aesthetic options.
  • Laundry Rooms: Enhance functionality and aesthetics in laundry spaces where durability and easy maintenance are essential.
  • Patios: Extend your living space outdoors with tile that withstands the elements while providing an elegant backdrop for your gatherings.
  • Showers: Elevate your daily routine with tiled shower floors and walls, where slip-resistant options ensure safety without compromising style.

Our Tile Selection

Unveil a world of tile possibilities with the leading selection at Randall Lee’s Flooring America. Explore the finest tile materials to elevate your spaces:

  • Ceramic Tiles: Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, ceramic tiles are crafted from kiln-fired clay. Choose from a spectrum of natural tones and glazed options, offering limitless color choices. The glaze enhances aesthetics and boosts moisture resistance, making them a stylish and practical choice.
  • Porcelain Tiles: Engineered for enduring elegance, porcelain tiles undergo high-temperature firing for exceptional density. From indoor splendor to outdoor durability, they thrive in various settings. Their resistance to water and heat is unmatched, while textured surfaces provide both safety and sophistication.
  • Stone Tiles: Elevate your home with the unparalleled beauty of stone tiles, meticulously created from minerals like marble, slate, and granite. Infuse your spaces with natural charm and unique patterns that add substantial value. While they may come at a higher cost, their authenticity is truly unique. These tiles are perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our showroom in Seaside, OR, takes pride in presenting this remarkable array of tile options. Whether you're drawn to the classic allure of ceramic, the robust practicality of porcelain, or the timeless luxury of stone, we offer the perfect tile to transform your vision into reality. Visit us today to explore, experience, and select the ideal tile for your flooring masterpiece.


Embrace Elegance and Durability with Wood-Look Tile

Discover the perfect blend of elegance and durability through our wood-look tile collection at Randall Lee’s Flooring America. If you've ever yearned for the timeless allure of wood flooring without the worry of moisture-related limitations, our wood-look tiles provide the ideal solution. Capturing the essence of wood while maintaining the practical benefits of tile, this innovative flooring option offers the best of both worlds.


Crafted using advanced 3D printing technology, our wood-look tiles intricately replicate the natural look and texture of wood, delivering a stunning aesthetic that exudes warmth and charm. At the same time, these tiles offer the remarkable advantages associated with tile flooring. From bathrooms to kitchens, our wood-look tiles easily stand up to moisture-prone areas, making them a versatile and worry-free choice.


Professional Tile Flooring Installation

At our showroom, we offer an extensive selection of tiles and provide expert tile flooring installation services. With years of local experience, we have the tools and know-how to save you time and money during installation, serving both residential and commercial clients across the region, and are known for delivering exceptional results.


Choosing the right tile for your space can be daunting due to the variety of materials, colors, and patterns. Our dedicated sales team is here to simplify the process, helping you select a flooring material that seamlessly matches your home. Whether renovating your bathroom or designing tile floors for new construction, we ensure you leave with top-quality products at competitive prices. Our business thrives on word-of-mouth referrals and repeat customers, driven by our commitment to your satisfaction with your new tile floors.


If you need inspiration or guidance, don't hesitate to ask. We enjoy introducing customers to innovative products and offering suggestions. Our staff brings extensive experience in the flooring industry, staying current with the latest trends. Backed by our Ultimate Confidence Guarantee, our dedication to superb craftsmanship ensures a worry-free tile flooring journey, all within your budget and under your roof.



Contact us today for high-quality ceramic and porcelain tile for your home or office. We proudly serve the communities of Seaside, Astoria, Cannon Beach, Manzanita, OR, and the surrounding areas.


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